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Roof over your head is a crown of your house. Keeping it well maintained will keep your
belonging safe and your house looking its best.
If you got a leaking roof it does not necessarily mean you need a full roof replacement. Roof
spot repairs is a cost-effective solution for majority of roofing problems. Not all roofs are
created equal, at Toronto Roof Repairs we specialize in offering custom roof repair solutions for
commercial and residential roofs all over Great Toronto Area.
Our experts will inspect your roof, pinpoint the source of leakage, and fix it for you
professionally, and in a timely manner.

Damaged or missing shingle replacement
Replacing missing or damaged shingles will stop a leak and significantly prolong the life
of your roof.

Leaky skylight repair
Inappropriate installation, shingle failure, or skylight flashing, are most common
causes of leaks around your skylight that result in a significant water damage to
skylight framing, plywood, insolation and possibly your ceiling.

Metal or closed valley repair
Valley leaks pose a significant threat not only to your roof but your entire house. Valley
is a connecting point between two sides of the roof. As the result, any leak in valley
provides double the damage. Moreover, during the winter, snow and ice pile up on your
valley. If your valley is damaged, it will cause water accumulation, which will become
the cause of water damage, plywood rotting and mold on the insolation.

Chimney leaks repair
Chimney leaks could be caused by a variety of factors including improper installation of
shingles, failure to put ice and water around the chimney during original roof installation
or faulty flashing installation. As the result, water seepage could cause mold, mildew
and water damage.

Wall flashing repair or replacement
Roof flashing refers to sheet metal installed at any breaks, joints or edges of your roof to
prevent leaks. Faulty flashing could result in significant water damage to your house and
mold growth in the attic.

Animal Damage
Raccoons and squirrels are known for the tremendous damage they could cause to your
roof. In search of a shelter, they could break roof vents, rip off shingles and create a
hole in your roof in order to get into your attic. We offer customized solutions to
prevent animals from entering your attic via installation of metal mash or a variety of
other barriers. In addition, our products are completely animal safe.

Year-round roof repair solutions

in Great Toronto Area

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How to tell if you got roof leak?

  • Check for active leaks
    o An active leak does not necessarily mean water pouring down from a
    ceiling. Inspect your ceiling for visual signs of water damage in a form of
    stain or discoloration.

  • Hail and wind damage
    o Environmental factors impact the condition of your roof. Old or improperly
    installed roofs are especially prone to wind and hail damage. Visually
    inspect your roof from the ground (within line of sight) for missing or lifted
    shingles, missing vents or signs of animal damage

  •  Moldy wall flashing
    o Check for mold where roof connects to exterior wall

  • Damaged or clogged gutters
    o Gutters are a gateway for water from your roof. Damaged, cloged or
    improperly installed gutters can cause water to overflow and go under your shingles and to your house.


Not all roof leaks are created equal. Hail, wind, animals and improper installation are
common reasons for roof damage and leaks. Keep your roof in check with regular roof
inspections by trusted roofing professionals.


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Roof & Gutter Contractors Ontario is your trusted and reliable emergency roofing repair contractor

It is tempting for homeowners to attempt an emergency repair themselves, but self-repair attempts can lead to injury and the potential to do further harm to the roof. Professional roofers have the knowledge, equipment, and materials to do an emergency repair safely.

Although roof repairs are an emergency, they can wait until the storm or other disasters as passed. In Toronto, it is not uncommon for roofing specialist to have to remove snow and ice from the roof before any emergency repair work can be done. Top roofers are experienced with the types of damage snow and ice can cause in Toronto.

The type of repair you need will depend on the age and material of your roof, the size of the roof, and how substantial the damage is to the roof. Our professional roofers will thoroughly assess the situation and make a professional recommendation for the type of repair that will work best in your situation.

Once your roof has been assessed, if the damage is severe, we will take into account the age of your roof and the roofing materials used. With significant damage, it is often more economical to replace the entire roof. If the damage is not as severe, we will attempt to repair the roof. The first steps in any emergency roof repair include:

  • Controlling the egress of water into the building. Water inside a building is dangerous for the reasons discussed above. Professional roofing companies, like Toronto Roof Repairs, will establish emergency means to protect your home or building from further water intrusion.

  • Removal of stagnating water—this is especially important for catastrophic roof damage or on flat roofs. Flat roofs can be damaged further by standing water.

  • Carefully find all sources of leaks. The leaks in roofs do not always limit themselves to the obvious damage. Fixing a leak from a puncture from a limb branch, to also discover the roof is leaking around the chimney, leaves your building susceptible to ongoing damage. Toronto Roof Repairs will do a thorough assessment of the entire roof.

  • We will attempt to match the same roofing materials to repair any damge we find, including the use of roofing tar and resin membranes.

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