Gutter repair & Eavestrough Maintenance

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Gutter repair & Eavestrough Maintenance

Your Gutter / Eavestrough can only take so much weight. Over the years When debris and leafs accumulate inside, it can sag, bend, come loose, or pull away from the fascia board of your roof. Unchecked, it may even tear off completely and Fall away.

Rain gutters play an essential role in collecting roof runoff during a storm. If that water isn’t carried far enough away from the house, you risk damage to your foundation or basement. Downspout extensions will help your downspouts direct water to a specific place away from your home’s foundation.
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Nice and honest people, quick response. I had a gutter corner leak that I was a bit concerned about. I asked for a quote on the website, Joe and Stan came the next day to fix it at a reasonable price. They showed me the picture of the repair and also told me that the rest of the gutter is clean. They also re-attached the downspouts falling away from the wall and help me put in the screw nails missing. They would definitely be my choice for future roof repairs.

Toronto Roof Repairs Inc helped me out quickly and affordably when I really needed it. I will be referring them to anyone looking for roofing work from here on out.

Toronto Roof Repairs was amazing. My roof was getting older and we decided to replace it. Well, the roofer came out and said that wasn’t necessary but that only a couple of places needed to be repaired. He got up on the roof and was done in about 2 hours. Going into this we were so naïve we were willing to pay full price for a new roof and rather than take our money, Toronto Roof Repairs provided us an alternative. The roofer said the rest of our roof should hold up another 3-5 years. I was impressed with their prices, timing, and integrity. I would recommend Toronto Roof Repairs for any roofing needs.

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