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Warranty Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms & Conditions 

Toronto Roof Repairs Inc. offers one of the best roofing warranties for residential and commercial customers. 


We understand the importance of trust when it comes to the roof over your head. At Toronto Roof Repair Inc. we stand by our work. Our non-prorated warranty offers inclusive coverage with no hidden charges and additional costs for the life of the warranty. 


Non-prorated roofing warranty 

Even though, the widely offered pro-rated warranty might sound attractive because of the longer life of the warranty they do not cover the full cost of roof repairs. 

The non-prorated warranty covers everything including material cost, labor, tear-off, and disposal. 


If a problem with your new roof occurs due to a defect in materials, Toronto Roof Repairs  covers you in accordance to the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines for the materials used on  the project in case the manufacturer fails to honour its own warranty for reasons other than default or act of the customer.


Toronto Roof Repairs only works with certified manufacturers who have and excellent track record in the industry. If you would like to read more about manufacturers we work with and warranties they offer, please visit following web sites:


Shingle Roof Installation: Depending on the package selected during the contract signing the non-prorated warranty on a new roof installation is from 10 -15 years.

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