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Roof vent replacement

Roof Vent Replacement
in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area

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Roof Vent Replacement in Toronto

and Greater Toronto Area

The roof needs to breathe as well. As critical as it is for your roof to shield you from rain or wind and the outside, it is also vital that the top of your building has proper ventilation. Air movement in and out is important to control the temperature of the ambient air so that the condensation does not build up within the interior spaces, ceilings and walls that are not regularly viewed.​

Damaged vents are the #1 reason for roof leaks, mould, and condensation inside the attic. We can restore proper airflow in your attic by replacing your vents or installing new ones. Inappropriate air flow will trap hot air in the attic and result in moisture build-up, mould nesting habitat, and condensation, which will cause leaks and stains on your ceiling. With over 10 years of experience in the field, we can provide you with a personalized and cost-effective solution.

Toronto Roof Repairs

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Toronto Roof Repairs

Dry Attic - Safe Home

Inappropriate air flow traps hot air in the attic resulting in moisture build-up, mold nesting habitat, and condensation, which causes leaks and stains on your ceiling. In addition, your HVAC might be overworking due to uneven temperature distribution resulting in higher energy bills and an uncomfortable environment.
Toronto Roof Repairs offers a wide variety of custom airflow solutions in order to make your attic dryer and your home safer.
Benefits of a proper ventilation system:

• Attic insulation longevity
• Even temperature distribution throughout the house
• Savings on utility bill & HVAC repairs
• Mold prevention


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Toronto Roof Repairs

We had a leak on our roof as a result of wind damage to shingles
and I called the phone number on the website listing of Toronto roof repairs.
They came, checked the problem, and fixed it. Excellent service, great at keeping in touch, completed everything they said they would. The invoice with photos and information I received satisfied all my concerns. Great work. 
Tony Ramiro

Toronto Roof Repairs

Mr. Leon did a great job fixing the bathroom vents. He is extremely knowledgeable, very professional, excellent workmanship, and customer service. Highly recommend Toronto Roof Repairs Inc.
Thank you. 
Karthic Ck.

Toronto Roof Repairs

After a thunderstorm that ripped of a few of my vents, I was looking to fix it so it won't fly away next time. Toronto Roof Repairs had excellent reviews so I called them and scheduled an appointment and I am glad I did. They educated me about different types of vents and helped me to choose the best option for me which was Solar Vent and I just couldn’t be happier cause my monthly AC bill this month was significantly lower than last year! Thank you so much, I will recommend you to everyone I know. Latin Celtic

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Toronto Roof Repairs has skilled, trained and certified roofing professionals who can assess your ventilation system and provide affordable solutions. We will also discuss with you the different types of ventilation and assist you in choosing and installing the best system that suits your property.By choosing our ventilation replacement services, you can ensure a secure and long-lasting roof over your head. The specialists at Toronto Roof Repairs take pride in providing professional and quality workmanship, along with using quality materials.Preserve the life of your roof with our ventilation replacement services. Contact us today to request for an estimate.

Toronto Roof Repairs
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