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Toronto Roof Repairs

Roof Inspection in the Greater Toronto Area 

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Roof Inspection in Great Toronto Area

With extreme Canadian weather, having an inspected and well-maintained roof is essential to keeping your house and belongings safe. At Toronto Roof Repairs, our roof inspectors are professionally trained to conduct a detailed examination of commercial and residential roofs and gutters to identify even the most hidden damage.

Damage to a roof is hard to spot for an untrained eye and dangerous when attempted by untrained professionals. A professional inspection is a key to identifying roof damage and choosing the best course of action for your roof and budget. If spotted in time, roof damage could be fixed promptly without compromising the integrity of the roof. Certain types of roofs require semi-annual inspections.


When it comes to roof inspection, there is a lot on the line since it is your first step in roof renovations. Based on the roof inspection you can map out your course of action and take the next step with confidence. It is important to choose a reputable company you can trust to start your roofing project. We invite you to get to know us and check reviews by our satisfied customers. From home insurance claim assistance to honest professional opinion, Toronto Roof Repairs got you covered. Do not hesitate to contact us today for a professional roof inspection by qualified professionals.

Roof Inspection

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Roof Inspection Done Right

Toronto Roof Repairs

Cracks, materials ageing, leakage, wind damage, eavestrough failure, ventilation problems, animal or water damage Toronto Roof Repairs is your one-stop for professional roofing diagnostics.  

  • Our specialist will conduct a professional in-person inspection to determine what issues there may be with your roof.  

  • During the inspection, our expert will take photos of damaged areas and slopes for you to have a clear understanding of the problem. 

  • After the inspection, the inspector will take his time to discuss the results of the inspection and educate on the variety of options available

  • Toronto Roof Repairs experts will never pressure you for sale or recommend an option based on commercial interest

  • You will get a written report with photos, a detailed description of damage, and an honest, professional opinion on how to fix it. 


Take a Look at Our Reviews

Toronto Roof Repairs

Joe was here yesterday and gave me a quote at 11 am -we agreed he went to the shop to get the materials and it was all done that day—super Happy with the service and professionalism.

Toronto Roof Repairs

I had a leaking problem with my roof. I decided to go with Toronto Roof Repairs and I’m so happy I made that decision. They did an excellent/professional job fixing the leak and I was very happy with the end result. If you ever need any roof fixes, I recommend Toronto Roof Repairs. You won’t be disappointed!

Toronto Roof Repairs

Beautiful new roof, we contacted them and they came out within days to give us a reasonable quote and we ended up going with them.

Roof & Gutter Contractors Ontario is your trusted and reliable emergency roofing repair contractor

It is tempting for homeowners to attempt an emergency repair themselves, but self-repair attempts can lead to injury and the potential to do further harm to the roof. Professional roofers have the knowledge, equipment, and materials to do an emergency repair safely.

Although roof repairs are an emergency, they can wait until the storm or other disasters as passed. In Toronto, it is not uncommon for roofing specialists to have to remove snow and ice from the roof before any emergency repair work can be done. Top roofers are experienced with the types of damage snow and ice can cause in Toronto.

The type of repair you need will depend on the age and material of your roof, the size of the roof, and how substantial the damage is to the roof. Our professional roofers will thoroughly assess the situation and make a professional recommendation for the type of repair that will work best in your situation.

Once your roof has been assessed, if the damage is severe, we will take into account the age of your roof and the roofing materials used. With significant damage, it is often more economical to replace the entire roof. If the damage is not as severe, we will attempt to repair the roof. The first steps in any emergency roof repair include:

  • Controlling the egress of water into the building. The water inside a building is dangerous for the reasons discussed above. Professional roofing companies, like Toronto Roof Repairs, will establish emergency means to protect your home or building from further water intrusion.

  • Removal of stagnating water—this is especially important for catastrophic roof damage or on flat roofs. Flat roofs can be damaged further by standing water.

  • Carefully find all sources of leaks. The leaks in roofs do not always limit themselves to the obvious damage. Fixing a leak from a puncture from a limb branch, to also discover the roof is leaking around the chimney, leaves your building susceptible to ongoing damage. Toronto Roof  Repairs will do a thorough assessment of the entire roof.

  • We will attempt to match the same roofing materials to repair any damage we find, including the use of roofing tar and resin membranes.

Toronto Roof Repairs
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