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Skylight Repairs

Skylight Repair & Replacement in the Greater Toronto Area

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Skylight Leak Repair & Maintenance

In a perfect world, no skylight would leak for a lifetime. Unfortunately, improper installation and maintenance are some of the most common reasons for roof skylight damage in the Greater Toronto Area. Installation issues, lack of maintenance, shingle failure, or skylight flashing damage, are the most common causes of leaks around the skylight that result in significant water damage to skylight framing, plywood, insulation, ceiling, and possibly your belongings. 

A damaged skylight can pose a significant risk to roof integrity and house safety. It is important to properly diagnose the source of damage around the skylight and fix it as soon as possible. Skylight maintenance is essential to prolong the life of a skylight and prevent roof damage. However, it could be tricky if attempted by an untrained professional since it is not safe, and some damage is hard to see by an untrained eye. 

Our roofing experts undergo extensive in-house training to spot skylight damage and fix it for lasting results. If you suspect your skylight has been compromised, contact trusted roofing professionals to fix the problem as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage. Toronto Roof Repairs –local roofing experts you can trust.

Skylight repair

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Toronto Roof Repairs

I went with the Toronto roof repairs service.
He came out for a quote in Mississauga and gave me good advice and honest opinion about my shingles roof repair vs a full roof replacement, very professional and well-mannered workers. I’m very glad and happy all my roof problems looked after within a decent amount of time. Would recommend highly recommend. 
A R.

Toronto Roof Repairs

Called about the repair to our roof on Tuesday missing shingles due to damage caused by raccoons and squirrels around our vents, Joe was out to our house. On Tuesday afternoon sent us an estimate that evening work started and completed on Friday Joe was very professional and efficient I would recommend this company very highly. Sharon Filiatrault.

Toronto Roof Repairs

Your crew was very professional, fixed my leaking roof, and cleaned up everything after. We are very pleased with your service.

Lubanzi Kyrrie

Roof Skylight Repair & Replacement

Skylight is not only a beautiful window into the outside world but also a great investment into your property. They add sunlight and improve ventilation while giving your house a polished look. Strategically installed skylights can reduce monthly energy costs and increase property value.

There are a number of myths surrounding skylights. In reality, if properly installed they will not leak and last up to 20-40 years. With appropriate installation location (north-facing side of the roof, thermal windows, etc.) skylights won’t overheat your house even during overly sunny days. 

At Toronto Roof Repairs we understand how important it is to feel safe under your roof. Our experts provide fast and reliable service for skylight roof repairs all around the Greater Toronto Area. In case an existing skylight is approaching its lifespan, sustained extensive damage, or has not been maintained properly it would be wiser and more economical to replace it. Contact us today to benefit from a free, no-obligation quote for skylight repairs and replacement.

Toronto Roof Repairs
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