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There’s no such thing as a silly question. Here you can see popular questions that homeowners have asked about their roofs over the years. If you can’t find what you need, help is just an email or a phone call away!


How much does it cost to do a small roof repair? new question?

At Toronto Roof Repairs all our roof repairs start from only $199.

How do I know if I need a roof repair or a new roof installation?

Roof repair is a budget-friendly solution for 70% of roofing issues.
Professionally done roof repairs will solve an issue without sacrificing roof
integrity and visual aesthetic. Check for visual signs of damage on your roof from the
ground. If your roof looks old and you can see damage on more than one side, then a new
roof might be a better solution. Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to contact Toronto Roof Repairs
for a free estimate! Our professional will come and give you honest advice on the best solution for your roof.

How much does it cost to replace a roof in Toronto?

Depending on the roof slope, height, and accessibility in Toronto and the GTA areas, homeowners can expect to pay between $7,200 - $12,460 for properly installed asphalt shingles with underlayment and ice & water shield on a 1500 sq. ft. roof. This amount includes materials, labor, and disposal of the existing single layer of shingles.

How often do roofs need to be replaced?

Properly installed and maintained shingle roof needs to be replaced after 15-20 years, depending on the materials used, ventilation, and environmental factors. At Toronto Roof Repairs, we guarantee our roof to last for the full term of the manufacturer’s warranty.

I’ve got roof replacement home insurance claim approved, what are my next steps?

At Toronto Roof Repairs, our certified professionals are with you every step of the claim.
Our inspectors provide you with an estimate for a home insurance report. As soon as your
the claim gets approved, your insurance company will release a check which is payable upon installation. Thereafter, Toronto Roof Repairs works directly with your insurance company updating, them on the status of the project and providing any supplementary information needed.

What is the difference between 3-Tab shingle and Full Tab shingle?

The full tab architectural shingle is thicker, heavier, and composes an additional layer of shingle. They have a longer life expectancy (around 30 years or more) the 3-tab shingle is flat, doesn't have the dimensional look, and usually last anywhere from 10-18 years.

Will my roof leak if there is only one shingle missing?

There is a high probability that the roof will leak if you have just one shingle missing or damaged, even if it might take some time for water to get to your attic and transform into an active leak. Your roof still needs attention even if there is no leak right away because the exposed section of the roof is compromised and not designed to perform when shingles are damaged.

I have a couple of shingles missing and my roof is leaking, does it need to be fully replaced?

Just because your roof leaks it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a replacement. Let Toronto Roof Repairs help you decide on a proper course of action for your roof repair. Save money & time by calling us today for your free consultation for all of your roof repair needs.

I consider getting new solar vents installed on my shingle roof will it reduce energy bill cost?

Solar attic vents can reduce the cost of your energy bill during the summer. On hot days, heat is retained inside the attic until it reaches expansion (around 72 degrees Celsius), at which point heat will radiate throughout the attic and into the house. In older houses, this problem is more severe due to the lack of soffit vents (in some cases, there are none). Solar-powered vents will force hot air out drastically, reducing the temperature and improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The system will not need to work as hard saving, the homeowner money on energy costs over the years. Adding a solar-powered vent to your home is a simple way to make your home environmentally friendly. Solar attic vents will eliminate the risk of poor ventilation, increase the lifespan of the wood and shingles in your home, and save the homeowner money on their energy bill. We are confident about the advantage of solar technology.

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